Dulmina Peiris

BSc. Sp. (Hons) in IT – Cyber Security Specialized [ SLIIT – UG ]

About Dulmina Peiris

Dulmina Peiris is a name synonymous with excellence in the Information Technology sector, specializing in Cyber Security, Design, Digital Marketing, and Branding. Currently pursuing his undergraduate studies at the prestigious Sri Lankan Institute of Information Technology, Dulmina exemplifies a rare blend of academic prowess and practical expertise.

As an IT service provider, Dulmina’s expertise spans various domains, where he navigates the complexities of Cyber Security, Designing, Digital Marketing, and Branding with finesse. His commitment to excellence is evident through his multifaceted roles as an IT tutor and the visionary founder of ICTX, an online platform dedicated to empowering Sri Lankan school students with comprehensive ICT education.

In the realm of Cyber Security, Dulmina is a relentless explorer, delving into bug bounty programs, malware analysis, network analysis, smart contracting, and cryptography. His proficiency extends beyond theory, actively engaging in practical applications to ensure robust defense against digital threats.

In the sphere of design, Dulmina’s creativity knows no bounds. With expertise in UI/UX design and graphic design, he crafts visually captivating experiences using industry-standard tools such as Adobe InDesign, Figma, Photoshop, and Illustrator. His designs seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality, leaving a lasting impression on every project he undertakes.

Dulmina’s prowess extends into Digital Marketing and Branding, where he orchestrates impactful campaigns, manages social media platforms, creates compelling content, and optimizes SEO strategies. His holistic approach to brand development ensures a cohesive and memorable presence across digital landscapes.

In his spare time, Dulmina indulges in his passion for development, mastering an array of languages and technologies including HTML and CSS (markup and styling languages), along with programming languages such as PHP, JavaScript, SQL, Dart, C, C++, Python, T-SQL, and Java. Additionally, he is proficient in frameworks such as Django and Flutter. This diverse skill set enables him to bring innovative ideas to life, pushing the boundaries of technological advancement.

With a solid foundation in Communication Skills, Discrete Mathematics, Object-Oriented Concepts, Database Management Systems, Web Security, and Advanced Networking Technologies, Dulmina is equipped with the knowledge and skills to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of Information Technology.

Driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence, Dulmina Peiris stands as a beacon of innovation and expertise in Cyber Security, Design, Digital Marketing, and Branding. His dedication to continuous learning and professional development ensures he remains at the forefront of technological advancement, making a significant impact in Sri Lanka’s ICT landscape and beyond.